About Me


    I’m an artist and designer living in Buffalo, New York. My art is inspired by my internal landscapes as well as my intuitive notions. I create art to connect with my thoughts and feelings more deeply. As a result of this connection, an intuitive flow of expression is born that is graphic, bold, and magical.

    I worked for six years in the fashion industry as a textile designer, and during that time I developed an appreciation for creating patterns in textiles, which gave me the skill to bring pattern work into the artwork that I create now. Creating patterns in my artwork allows me to tell a more visually intricate story.

    Having my own fashion collection is something that I have always wanted to do, ever since junior high, when I started sketching out all the possible outfits that I wanted to make for my favorite celebrities. Seeing my artwork on clothing has felt like a decades-long journey that has finally manifested with my wearable art pieces.