About Me


    Hi, my name is Corrie Allen. I'm an artist, and I create wearable art that celebrates individuality. For many years I was creating art for other brands, and I realized that I'd become a knockoff artist, creating artwork that didn't have much depth or soul. ⁣This left me feeling unexpressed personally and professionally. 

    After taking time off from my career path to connect with my soul and my deeper desires in life, I decided in 2020  it was time to create the bold and unique wearable art pieces I stood for. I believe that  what you wear is a reflection of who you are and how you feel. 

    Each artwork that I create is an expression of beauty, divinity, and uniqueness, and it is my desire for you that when you wear one of my pieces, you feel the beauty, divinity, and unique expression that emanates from you. Welcome to my world.⁣